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Fullers Honey Dew

Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew buzzes with a zesty edge and subtle sweetness. Approved by the Soil Association, it’s a thing of natural beauty – pure, golden sunshine in a glass.

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London Pride

Not just the iconic ale of the capital, London Pride is an all-British affair that unites a nation of beer drinkers. It’s brewed with entirely home-grown hop varieties – Target for bittering and Northdown, Challenger and Goldings for aroma – but the soul of the beer is unquestionably in the malt. Crystal malts combine with spring-harvested Pale Ale varieties Concerto and Propino, to give Pride its inimitable depth and balance.

London Porter

A modern take on the 19th century porter style, Fuller’s rich, chocolatey London Porter recaptures the brooding beauty of pre-Victorian London. It’s evocative of simpler times but it’s a wonderfully complex pint.

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Golden Naked Christmas Ale

This beer is inspired by the typical Nordic Christmas. It has gone through two rounds of fermentation and has added prune juice, which makes it even more round, fruity and Christmassy. Jacobsen Golden Naked Christmas Ale has a clear reddish-golden colour and a cream-coloured foam. The taste is fruity and the aroma is roasted with a touch of orange, lemon, cinnamon and liquorice.

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