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Go to Brewdog Double Agent

Brewdog Double Agent

Double up with this DDH IPA. A fully loaded hoppy protagonist with resinous, grassy and grapefruit notes sitting on a malty backbone. Milk sugar sweetens and rounds out the full on, juicy flavour. And oats ensure a super powered smooth delivery. Followed by a dry assertive finish.

Go to Fullers Espresso Stout

Fullers Espresso Stout

In 2014, Fuller’s developed its very own Brewer Street blend of coffee – and we’ve been itching to brew a beer with those rich, aromatic beans ever since. Espresso Stout is the luxurious, inky-black outcome – and if you’re not sure beer and coffee can truly go together, just wait until you give it a shot…

Go to Lervig Dark Orbit

Lervig Dark Orbit

This full, complex beer is an homage to one of Mike’s best known beers. At 7% ABV it’s an extremely smooth beer without cloying sweetness, but with all the roasted/chocolate/coffee flavours you’re looking for in your dark beers. Take a Dark Orbit in our space ship to Planet Delicious. Hops: Hallertau Blanc, Saaz, Cascade

Go to Jopen Season of Epiphany

Jopen Season of Epiphany

A spicy herbal winter beer with fruity notes, sweet gale, licorice and cinnamon, supported by a soft bitterness from juniper berries and chinook hops.

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